About Me

Ever since I was young, I always wanted to be an artist.  Throughout my years, I have continued to work hard every day, fine-tuning my skills and always willing to learn new methods, ideas, and practices.  I would say my big influences on my work are independent artists such as Saul Bass, Shepard Fairey, Banksy (yes the infamous Banksy), Kurt Halsey, Mattias Adolfsson, and so many others. 

You will always see me drawing on paper, the computer, my own arms, or anywhere else that will allow my art to be displayed on.  I am currently studying to become a graphic designer and that means I am constantly working with programs such as PhotoShop and Illustrator in order to get better at my craft.  But in addition to that, I also have to remember how to actually drawing with a pencil, pen, and paper.  

All of my artwork that I will post on here is original, unless I state otherwise.  All of my artwork is for sale and I am not usually one for posting a concrete price on my work, so I am willing to negotiate on what you believe is a far price to pay.  I got to make a living somehow while in college :)  Every piece of art will be posted on the blog as it is completed, no matter what the type of medium I used.  However, I also created three separate pages for my work if you want to search through a specific medium for a certain piece, that way you are not searching through pages and pages of the blog just to find it.

So enjoy my work, keep at it if you are an artist yourself, and don't be afraid to pass word along about my art.  It would be much appreciated and I would love you forever!

Travis LaRiviere